According to independent cybersecurity research form IT-Harvest, the 2015 threat intelligence market was $190 million and is growing at 85% annually. The Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) space accounted for $61 million and is growing at 84%.TIPs collect threat intelligence from multiple sources and integrate with internal data and enforcement technology to maximize the value of threat intelligence. In addition, the total 2015 market for threat intelligence products was $251 million and is on pace to exceed $460 million in 2016. At current growth rates the market for threat intelligence products will exceed $1.5 billion in 2018. There are 21 vendors that research and provide threat intelligence to the enterprise. These include iSIGHT Partners, recently acquired by FireEye, Cyveillance+LookingGlass, Digital Shadows, Intel471 and Flashpoint Intel. A growing segment within the space includes the 10 Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) vendors, led by ThreatStream, ThreatConnect, ThreatQuotient, and BrightPoint Security.

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